Application To Participate In Evil Scheme*

(*actual scheme not really Evil.)

Dear Friend,

I will not try to sell you on applying for this.

Instead, I will simply tell you what it's about, who it is for ...and who it's NOT for.

Here's What This Is About

Back in late November I taught a small group of salespeople a new model of selling that worked way better than anything you could possibly imagine.

In fact this model has resulted in many people tripling their income within the first 30-60 days of learning this model.

I've since been tweaking it and it has been working extremely well. So well that I will never go back to the "Old Way" of selling (and neither will my students).

(Unfortunaely most sales training is the same old regurgitated stuff from Dale Carnegie invented back in 1936. Which is why most salespeople are still stuck in the mud with an abysmal closing ratio.)

Anyway, the model will either work for you or it won't ...and the only way we can find out is for you to learn about it first hand.

I'm Willing To Walk You Through It - FOR FREE - As Long As You Realize It's NOT For Everybody.

Look - I know you get pitched all kinds of "one size fits all" selling schemes on a near hourly basis these days.

This isn't one of them. This is very specialized stuff and it doesn't work in every business.

This project IS for:

  • People who sell high commission products or services (minimum comissions $2,000 per sale).
  • People who value helping others and contributing to their marketplace just as much (or more) as they value making money.
  • People who know their business can grow, and who are willing to work to make that happen.
  • People who are willing to actually talk to other human beings (as opposed to only sending email or something.)

This project is NOT for:

  • People who think selling is a "get rich quick" career
  • People who don't believe in what they sell.
  • People who have no business, aren't actually selling anything, or are perpetually in "information gathering mode". (If you haven't gotten started yet, that's OK just as long as you're ready to actually start doing something now.)
  • People who do NOT currently sell (or either don't want to sell) high commission products or services. (In other words, if you sell lightbulbs or something, this isn't a good fit.)

And now for more brutal honesty: You actually have to work. Pretty hard.

The discovery I've made has nothing to do with you sitting on the couch drinking beers while money falls from the ceiling. (That would be awesome though.)

So if you're hoping for that type of "miracle", then you might want to pass on this.

Here's How It Works

Like I said, it's free to learn about what I'm up to and how it can be applied to your business.

So if you're curious, here's what to do:

First, you'll to click the link below.

Then you'll be taken to an application where I ask you all sorts of invasive questions about your business. OK - they're not that invasive. I'm just really wanting to make sure I think we're a fit before I take up both of our time explaining everything.

Anyway, the application will come to my office and one of two things will happen.

Possibility number one: I'll decide my stuff is NOT a good match for you and I'll let you know politely.

Possibility number two: I'll decide we MIGHT be a good match and someone from my office will schedule a call to see if we really are.

If that happens, you'll get a VERY valuable overview and Strategy Session where you see exactly how the system works. Plus, you'll get some suggestions on how you can apply it immediately to your business.

That's all free.

I'll review applications on a first come, first-served basis. I can take about 5 people this week.

OK here's the first step:

Click Here to Access Form